The INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY connects the international timepieces, jewelry and precious stone branch and brings together the industry and retailers. No matter whether the venue is Frankfurt, London, Zurich or some other major metropolitan area—the personalities and driving forces of this business assemble here.

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Networking, discussion and information are the defining features of this event

The TRENDFACTORY always takes an inspiring look into the future and offers views that are well outside the box.

Experts and guest speakers report on their experiences and provide new perspectives

The market is rapidly changing: Digitalization, e-commerce, changed consumer behavior, “pre-owned” watches and many other topics are impacting the industry—and they do so continuously. “Regular discussions about current developments and opportunities are essential if you want to be successful in this market,” says Stefanie Mändlein, the project director of INHORGENTA MUNICH. As an industry platform on tour, the INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY provides the perfect venue for new contacts, inspiration and business ideas that is held in a stylish setting throughout the year.”

TRENDFACTORY Luzern 22nd October 2019

TRENDFACTORY Barcelona 17th October 2019