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Strong presence for the anniversary with significant exhibitor growth of 9% compared to the previous year

February 16, 2024

  • More than 870 exhibitors from 37 countries
  • Anniversary program with many exciting highlights
  • INHORGENTA AWARD shines the spotlight on jewelry and watches
  • India will be the guest country at INHORGENTA 2025

INHORGENTA MUNICH 2024, Europe’s leading industry platform for jewelry, watches and gemstones (February 16 to 19, 2024), begins today. The focus will be on celebrating the 50th anniversary of INHORGENTA with an extensive anniversary program and the presentation of the INHORGENTA AWARD. The exhibition halls with their new design and new structure reflect the trading up of INHORGENTA and offer space for growth.

INHORGENTA has always been a very special trade fair, enjoying a high level of acceptance among jewelers from all over Europe. “What stood out about the top-class trade fair premiere was the great optimism of everyone involved,” as the Münchner Merkur newspaper wrote in 1974. It soon established itself as a pioneering platform for the jewelry, watch and gemstone industry.

“We are proud to have become the home of the industry. Today, INHORGENTA stands for authentic luxury from independent brands: craftsmanship, history, glamor, and personality,” says Stefan Rummel, CEO of Messe München.

Many brands celebrating their premiere

With 870 exhibitors from 37 countries, INHORGENTA MUNICH 2024 has recorded a significant exhibitor growth of 9 percent compared to the previous year. 50 percent of the exhibitors are from abroad, mainly targeting high-volume European markets such as Switzerland and Italy.

In all areas, many well-known brands are celebrating their premiere or returning, thus confirming the new concept. Just four examples from the Fine Jewelry Hall are Porsche Design and Ebel in the Watch Hall, or Artur Scholl and Schreiner Fine Jewellery.

New hall structure provides space for growth

From a new hall structure to the new design, INHORGENTA is presenting itself for its anniversary with a look and feel that reflects the trading up of the international trade fair, and thus wins space for further growth. One of the tried-and-tested features is the clear orientation with six theme worlds and different atmospheres that liven up the trade fair and offer buyers an overview of the entire jewelry, watch and gemstone market value chain in the shortest possible time.

The new Wedding World is unique. It not only offers an overview of engagement and wedding rings, and bridal jewelry, but also inspires with its world of experience.

Extensive supporting program for the anniversary

In its anniversary year, the supporting program is more extensive than ever: whether it’s in the Trendfactory, the Experience Hub with the Watch Talks, or many other activities such as the “Wedding World”, the six special shows, or glamorous evening events.

More than 50 top-class speakers from Europe, Africa, America, and Asia will talk about the history, present and future of jewelry, watches and society.

INHORGENTA AWARD shines the spotlight on jewelry and watches

For the seventh time, on Saturday at the new location of the Showpalast Munich, the best designs and concepts of the international jewelry, watch and gemstone industry will be presented with the INHORGENTA AWARD. With 137 submissions, 64 of them from abroad and these from 35 countries, participation was again very high. The AWARD Gala will be hosted by the well-known German TV presenters Rebecca Mir and Christian Düren. The spotlight will be on jewelry, watches and gemstones, which will shine in the public eye far beyond a trade fair.

India will be the official partner country of INHORGENTA 2025

With exhibitors from 19 countries, and trade visitors from 28 countries, INHORGENTA 1974 was already very international and has been a key to opening up new markets ever since.

In 2025, India will be the partner country of INHORGENTA . The country has been represented by exhibitors and visitors at INHORGENTA for 50 years.

Reason for confidence and fresh optimism

At the press conference, Stefan Rummel and Stefanie Mändlein also spoke with Stephan Lindner, President of the German Jewelers’ Trade Association, about current developments in the industry.

Stephan Lindner sees positive prospects for INHORGENTA 2024: “Overall, sales in specialist trade, in other words the core target group for this Inhorgenta, are very satisfactory. In our opinion, nothing stands in the way of a successful INHORGENTA.”

Albert Ruppenthal, a fifth-generation gemstone manufacturer, was also asked about his memories of the premiere of INHORGENTA 50 years ago, and was euphoric as he recalled this special event.

Advisory board member Anja Heiden, CEO of the Jewellery Division at Wempe and member of the INHORGENTA AWARD jury, also took part in the press conference. This stirred up excitement about the AWARD Gala.

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