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Bold and confident—The New Look of INHORGENTA

October 10, 2023

  • Re-branding of INHORGENTA for the 50th birthday
  • Bold new logo and modern visual language by Mirko Borsche

Together with the internationally renowned designer Mirko Borsche, INHORGENTA has refreshed its look, which it is showing off for the start of its 50th anniversary year. With an upgraded and modern design, INHORGENTA is not only creating a fresh style but also a new feeling.

New decade, new look: The re-branding of INHORGENTA

A familiar face is responsible for this fresh appearance. At the beginning of the year, Stefanie Mändlein returned as Exhibition Director of INHORGENTA. She has since presented the visual re-branding, including a revised logo and innovative visual language, for Europe’s leading industry platform for jewelry, watches and gemstones. Even before INHORGENTA celebrates its 50th anniversary, Stefanie Mändlein already wants to shape its future and has given it a new highly sophisticated look for this purpose – strong, self-confident, innovative and pioneering.

“Bold and confident, but at the same time subtle and timeless, like our platform itself: this is the goal for the new corporate design of INHORGENTA. The new logo finds its strength in its powerful, clean contrasts and confident lines. The visual language impresses by playing with reflections and silhouettes, and thus reflects the emotionality and high quality of our industry,” says Stefanie Mändlein about the new design. “The new look therefore visually points the way for the future of INHORGENTA.”

Fresh look with a modern logo: Mirko Borsche creates the new INHORGENTA design

The multi-award-winning graphic designer Mirko Borsche was commissioned to create a luxurious and high-quality, yet modern and bold typeface for the INHORGENTA logo.

“In developing the new design, we relied on Mirko Borsche’s experience and avant-garde flair,” explains Stefanie Mändlein. “He created the modern, luxurious look for us that appears subtle as it does confident. Its clean design, with strong contrasts and sleek silhouettes, embodies INHORGENTA's aspirations.”

The designer himself sees his design as the visual indicator of the future of INHORGENTA: “I am delighted to be part of this new chapter of INHORGENTA. On the occasion of the trade fair’s 50th anniversary, I was asked not only to develop a new design for the lettering ‘INHORGENTA’, but also to visually embody where the platform is heading. Accordingly, I worked out a modern aesthetic that is as simple as it is luxurious, and as confident as it is timeless.”

The photo campaign with dynamic, expressive images, matching the modern design was produced by renowned photographer Andrea d’Aquino.

Special thanks to our partners WEMPE, Saskia Diez, Ceylons and Elmar Grupp for their support with jewelry, watches and gemstones in the new look.

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