Wedding World - Wedding rings
Contemporary Design - Modern jewelry

Hall B2 - formerly Hall C2

In the newly designed exhibition area "Wedding & Design" the Wedding World meets Contemporary Design. In the wedding area everything revolves around wedding rings, engagement rings and bridal jewelry, in the Contemporary Design section about creations of international jewelry designers.

Wedding World

Wedding rings and bridal jewelry

Wedding rings are the centerpiece of every wedding and symbolize the eternal bond between two people. In Hall B2, the world's unique Wedding World now presents wedding rings - and engagement rings in every conceivable design and material - from classic gold to innovative combinations with gemstones and other precious metals. Wedding rings are more than just jewelry - they are an emotional sign of love and the journey of life together. Visitors will also find an extensive selection of bridal jewelry. From delicate necklaces to glamorous earrings - here you will discover pieces of jewelry that perfectly underscore the special occasion of a wedding. In the new "Wedding World," everything revolves around bridal couples.

In other words, the best conditions for offering customers the perfect range of wedding and engagement rings in the future.


Special areas in Hall B2

The hall is considered the most important and largest platform for contemporary, individual design as well as for trends and ideas that will move us in the future.

The following focus topics will be addressed in the Special Areas:

  • Concepts Forum: Already well-known designers in a high-quality environment
  • Design Area: New exhibitors/design jewelry
  • Brand New: Entry-level platform for university graduates and young goldsmiths and silversmiths.
  • Campus: Platform for technical colleges and universities
  • Future Retail: Experience new and exciting digital products
  • Sustainability: Sustainability as an opportunity for the future
  • Silversmithing: Silversmiths present their creations

What is contemporary design?

Hall B2 is also the exhibition home of contemporary jewelry. Focus: the combination of creativity with individual styles. The exhibiting designers present bold and unconventional design concepts. Innovative techniques are used to create modern and special pieces of jewelry - like a work of art for the body.

Our platform for contemporary jewelry design, innovations & young talents

Contemporary jewelry is characterized by its individuality and experimentation. Here, traditional craft techniques are fused with modern design to create unconventional designs. Discover the latest creations from international jewelry designers - already established or new to the market.

Key focus themes: Sustainability and Future Retail. Here, questions are answered about the future of retail and which sustainable raw materials are used for the production of jewelry.

There is also plenty to see for young designers and goldsmiths who are still in training or have just finished, with individual spaces for schools and colleges.


The centerpiece of the hall B2

With its diverse seminar program at INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY MUNICH, it presents the trends of the day after tomorrow and offers a stage to top speakers from all over the world.

In conferences, lectures and panel discussions, participants gain a fascinating insight into the future transformation of the industry. The established industry platform not only stimulates discussion, but also creates the ideal space for networking.

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Fascinating exhibition areas

A new hall structure for INHORGENTA 2024 creates synergies as well as space for growth. Among them also a separate Wedding World. Discover the whole world of jewelry, watches and gemstones at INHORGENTA MUNICH.