Hall B3—Contemporary Design & Vision

Why is Contemporary Design & Vision located in Hall B3 at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2022?

The City of Munich and the State of Bavaria made the decision in December 2021 that the Vaccination and Tracking Center, which is located in Halls C2 and C3, will remain in these halls until further notice.

This means that the entire Contemporary Design & Vision exhibition area will move from Hall C2 to Hall B3 once for INHORGENTA MUNICH 2022.

As part of the overall concept of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2022, the "Contemporary Design & Vision" area in Hall B3 will fit seamlessly into the two existing jewelry halls B1 "Fine Jewelry" and B2 "Elegance & Lifestyle".

Hall B3 - Our platform for contemporary jewelry design, innovations and the education sector

If you are a manufacturer who likes to implement unusual ideas, have a penchant for creating unusual designs or developing innovations, then Hall B3 'Contemporary Design & Vision' is the place for you. This is internationally regarded as the most important and largest platform for contemporary jewelry design.

Discover the latest creations of international jewelry designers - whether already established or still new on the market.

Always surprising: INHORGENTA Brand New and INHORGENTA Campus

INHORGENTA Brand New is a forum in Hall B3 especially for young designers and goldsmiths after completing their studies or training.

The hall also houses the INHORGENTA Campus with individual spaces for schools and colleges and the INHORGENTA Campus Talks for topics relevant to the next generation of designers in the industry.


The focus topic "The future of retail" in Hall B3

The jewelry, gemstone and watch industry is constantly facing new challenges in digitalization. In the Special Area "Future Retail", numerous exhibitors await you and offer their expertise and support in the implementation of digitalization goals.

In addition, the valuable knowledge platform INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY awaits you in Hall B3 with presentations, seminars and discussions on our focus topic "Futre Retail - the future of retail". Experts Marius Schafelner (Dr. Scharenberg Online) and Theresa Schleicher (Zukunftsinstitut) are already providing initial insights, and the German Watch Study 2021 will also reveal perspectives.

INHORGENTA MUNICH—The topic of future retail

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Future Retail was one of the main themes in Hall C2.

The focus topic "Sustainability" in Hall B3

The future retail landscape will be shaped by several major changes: While we are increasingly seeing digital channels and hybrid space concepts, at the same time conscious, sustainable and mindful shopping is coming to the fore. The luxury segment in particular will grow in the sustainability sector in the future.

Important developments, e.g. towards sustainable products and packaging, will be so strongly demanded by end consumers in Corona times and beyond that no retailer - no matter how big or small - will be able to avoid the change

In the Special Area "Sustainabilty" in Hall B3, you can expect exhibitors who exclusively manufacture jewelry from sustainable raw materials, extract gemstones in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way or offer sustainable raw materials.

INHORGENTA MUNICH—The topic of sustainability

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Sustainability was one of the main themes in Hall C2.

The centerpiece of the hall: TRENDFACTORY MUNICH

With its diverse seminar program at INHORGENTA MUNICH, it presents the trends of the day after tomorrow and offers a stage to top speakers from all over the world.

New design concept from Contemporary Design & Vision to be continued in Hall B3

INHORGENTA MUNICH—Impressions of the hall design

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Hall C2 in its new design and with a new concept.