"Wedding World" with large wedding ring selection

Welcome to "Wedding World", a new highlight of INHORGENTA 2024 in the exhibition area of Hall B2. In this world of wedding and engagement rings, each piece is a new love story. Amidst emotion and elegance, dreams of love and commitment come true in the form of exclusive wedding rings.

Wedding World" is the ideal place for anyone who wants to offer their customers something very special

Here you will find a globally unique selection of high-quality wedding rings or engagement rings in a wide variety of designs, materials and styles. From classically elegant to modern and unusual - the variety of options is almost limitless.

Rose gold and platinum wedding rings are becoming more popular

The current trends for wedding rings reflect the desire for individuality and personality. In addition to traditional metals such as white gold and yellow gold, rose gold and platinum continue to gain popularity. Likewise, texture, engravings, embellishments and floral patterns play a significant role in adding personal details to rings. Here, the motto is: more is more. From secret hearts that only become visible when the rings are overlapped, to the coordinates of a special place or individual fingerprints - everything is possible to celebrate love in a unique way.

Engagement rings in vintage style or with colored gemstones

When it comes to engagement rings, vintage continues to be the trend. Many couples prefer rings in art deco style or with Victorian elegance. After all, with their intricate details and handcrafted designs, they embody timeless beauty. Of course, diamonds are still popular - but colored gemstones are increasingly being used in engagement rings. Sapphires, emeralds and morganites are particularly in demand, as they add a very personal touch to the ring. Also gaining popularity recently were slim and simple band engagement rings, which are characterized by their minimalist design and focus on the main diamond.

V-shaped wedding rings and new materials

A look into the future of wedding rings reveals exciting prospects for 2024. An emerging trend in the world of wedding rings are V-shaped designs inspired by the boho wedding style. These delicate rings inspire with unusual shapes, be it asymmetrical, curved or decorated with sparkling moonstones - just anything but conventional. The latter also applies to the new materials that are now used in manufacturing. Wedding rings made of carbon, for example, appeal above all to lovers of the color black. In combination with gold and diamonds, however, such wedding rings also attract other looks. In addition, carbon is sustainable, particularly light and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Wedding rings become digital and sustainable

Advancing digitalization is not stopping at the enchanting world of wedding rings. No kidding: The integration of technolo-gical elements, such as embedded LED lights or QR codes containing personalized messages, could become more prevalent in the coming years. In addition, sustainable and ethical aspects will play an increasing role in the choice of materials to minimize the ecological footprint.

"Wedding World" in Hall B2 is not only a place to find the perfect wedding rings, but also a source of inspiration for the design of all wedding jewelry. Here, visitors can explore the latest trends, admire innovative designs and get advice from experts and key market players. In other words, the best conditions for offering customers the perfect range of wedding and engagement rings in the future.

Fascinating exhibition areas

A new hall structure for INHORGENTA 2024 creates synergies as well as space for growth. Among them also a separate Wedding World. Discover the whole world of jewelry, watches and gemstones at INHORGENTA.