Elegance & Lifestyle - Classic and fully on trend

Hall A2 - formerly Hall B2

Classic jewelry and trendy pieces don't have to be mutually exclusive. Probably no place proves this better than the "Elegance & Lifestyle" exhibition area in Hall A2. Visitors can enjoy the modern and fresh lifestyle character of the hall. Here you can see the connection between timeless elegance, innovation as well as exciting novelties.

Classic elegant and trendy jewelry

Trendy jewelry combines individuality and style. While classic jewelry often focuses on timeless elegance and valuable materials, jewelry that embodies a certain lifestyle focuses on diversity. Here, creative designs, innovative materials and hip trends are combined. In this way, jewelry can be created that particularly emphasizes personal style.

This jewelry is "in

Trendy jewelry is particularly adaptable. They reflect current trends and allow you to redefine your own look time and time again. They are versatile, which gives the opportunity to continuously expand and update the collection - to be "in" at all times.

Experience trendy jewelry

Whether classic designs or daring novelties - in the trendy exhibition area "Elegance & Lifestyle" you will find trendy it-pieces that inspire interesting conversations.