Three questions for Ya'akov Almor


What inspired you to be become interested in diamonds and jewellery?

I had worked earlier in public relations and came into the diamond, gem and jewellery industry and trade by pure chance. A colleague made an introduction and I was hired as an associate editor for an industry magazine.

From there I became moved back into PR for a number of industry bodies, worked five years as sales director for coloured gemstone and diamond firm and after that set up my own marketing communications venture.

Why am I still in this industry? The gem trade is like 'Hotel California.' You can check out any time you want but you can never leave….

What are the top issues affecting the diamond industry at the moment?

Too little concern about the industry's reputation and credibility; A changing consumer landscape; A lack of flexibility - and will - to institute real change in the mid-stream. They are all connected.

Without the industry's active involvement - from producers to traders - in assuring that diamonds only do good, the industry's reputation and credibility will not improve and the consumer will not 'buy' the diamond's story of eternal love.

What is your vision for the diamond industry?

An industry that produces a product that symbolizes love and commitment between partners that is committed to partnering and to cooperating with all players in the supply pipeline in a fully transparent and fair manner, and is committed to all partners getting their fair share. Consumers will 'buy' that story, and gladly pay the price.