Three questions for Petra-Anna Herhoffer


Who or what inspired your interest in the jewelry and watch industry?

Love of the beautiful, imperishable things which our Earth gifted us in the beginning. My interest in the industry as such is triggered by questions like, for example, what can jewelry offer today which a tattoo cannot achieve? In my opinion, we live in Dadaist times and are faced with the epoch-making challenge of finding a way to deal sensibly with nostalgia products such as highly complicated watches. In fine jewelry, the subject of exoticism is completely exhausted. Do we have sufficient information on what wealthy persons still expect from watches and jewelry today unless it’s to do with collectibles and pieces as an investment? I don’t believe so.

What problems/aspects (please mention three) do you think are influencing the jewelry and watch industry today?

Brands are no longer sufficiently distinguishable today. They essentially lack a relevant matter of interest. Most suppliers or dealers do not offer potential customers sufficient incentives to look into the brand; discretion and elegant surroundings do not create an emotional customer experience and the feeling that “yes, they mean me”. The emotional motivation of the buyer or recipient must increase to become a tangible experience. You want love—you get love! On top of that, I allege that the watch and jewelry industry lacks creativity in stage-managing its pieces and brand worlds.

What is your vision of the future for the jewelry and watch sector?

I imagine myself sitting on a cloud sofa, drinking a matcha tea and having anklets put around my freshly pedicured feet. Which, of course, is merely to be understood as a metaphor for a sensuous shopping experience. I would like to be known before I am made an offer to buy. In general, I would gladly encourage the sector to ponder the following questions: Who are my customers, what are their needs, how do they live? Apart from being an adornment, what purpose should jewelry serve and for what target group? Over and above that is the big question: What social trends are relevant in order for business models to be adapted? And which interdisciplinary cooperation partners can I identify to boost my sales? To mention only a few.