Three questions for Kirstine Fratz


Who or what inspired your interest in the jewelry and watch industry?

As a zeitgeist researcher, I keep an overview of all the major lifestyle sectors. In the jewelry and watch industry, trends and new social tendencies can be gauged very well, that’s why the sector itself inspires me and I didn’t need to be inspired by someone else.

What problems/aspects (please mention three) do you think are influencing the jewelry and watch industry today?

Trends and social tendencies from other sectors naturally have an influence on the jewelry and watch industry too. If the zeitgeist changes, this changes all relevant areas of life and consumer areas quite rapidly as well. The desire for experience and less possession of material goods naturally changes our relationship to material value too and thus to the jewelry industry as well. The desire for non-material value is growing and will also prompt the jewelry and watch industry to reflect this aspiration in its products. Gold and precious stones will shine increasingly in future, also because of the stories they have to tell.

What is your vision of the future for the jewelry and watch sector?

The future will be determined according to what we aspire towards in future, among other factors. What will be the new aspirations in the area of luxury, status, beauty, love? From these insights come viable visions of the future for the jewelry and watch sector to already tap the pulse of the age.

What that is and how it is possible—you can find out at my talk about the zeitgeist on Sunday 18th February at 14:00.