Three questions for Dr. Ulrich Henn


What inspired you to be become interested in pearls and jewellery?

My hometown Idar-Oberstein, where my grandfather had a gemstone cutting firm, put me in touch with gemstones since my childhood. Interested in nature and especially in geo sciences it was obvious for me to study mineralogy specializing in gem materials.

What are the top issues affecting the industry at the moment?

The gemstone and jewellery business has the task to deepen the necessary trust of the consumer in times when more and more challenges like treated materials and synthetics, especially synthetic diamonds, influence the market. Another important point is a fair trade to promote a fair cooperation between producer, processor and consumer.

What is your vision for the pearl industry?

A wide acceptance of international trade standards, correct disclosure of treatments, synthetics and imitations as well as more courage and will for further education in gemmology. Furthermore, more incentives for the next generation should be created.