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International and inspiring: INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY accentuates the future of the industry

November 06, 2019
  • INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY in Barcelona and Lucerne
  • Key topics: Sustainability and future retail
  • TRENDFACTORY MUNICH: international expert forum directly at the trade fair

This fall, Barcelona and Lucerne were the stops for INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY—the international industry platform of INHORGENTA MUNICH. The format will also be employed at the exhibition itself. This year’s focal topics are sustainability and future retail. A wide range of talks, podium discussions and special exhibitions will be held on these topics from February 14 – 17, 2020.

With INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY, INHORGENTA MUNICH is the focal point of the entire industry not just once a year. The Trendfactory provides retailers, manufacturers and experts with the opportunity several times a year to set the industry’s direction in the future: How will the jewelry business be conducted in 2030? How can jewelry be sold on Instagram? Are synthetic or real gems more sustainable?

INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY in Barcelona and Lucerne

The historic museum in Barcelona provided an inspiring setting for the jewelry, watch and gem experts who traveled to it. One of the major speakers, jewelry designer Philippe Bouasse, talked about sustainable luxury in the 21st century. “We are moving from corporate social responsibility to brand social responsibility,” he said in an address that served as the starting point for subsequent discussions.

In the Culture and Congress Center of Lucerne, Daniel Nyfeler was one of the many experts who spoke. Nyfeler, a representative of the renowned Swiss family-run business Gübelin, views the long and complex supply chain as one of the highest hurdles to increased transparency in the industry.

In addition to discussions about challenges related to sustainability and future retail concepts, the event covered such topics as digitalization and the relationship between manufacturers and retailers.

For market insiders: The TRENDFACTORY MUNICH

Forward-looking talks by international experts will also be a part of INHORGENTA MUNICH in February. Tobias Gröber, Executive Director of the Business Unit Consumer Goods at Messe München, said: “Today, markets and trends are changing quicker than ever. Digitalization, new forms of customer behavior and sustainability—these are just a few of the topics that will be covered by our major speakers at the trade fair.”

In one talk, Justin Hunter of J. Hunter Fiji Pearls will outline the impact that climate change is having on pearl culture, and Rita Lahlou, the Head of Jewelry at Amazon Europe, will offer insights into retail strategies of the future.

The program will be held in Hall C2 “Contemporary Design & Vision.” “With its focus on sustainability and future retail, the newly conceived hall will be the perfect setting for discussions,” said Stefanie Mändlein, the Exhibition Director of INHORGENTA MUNICH.

A sample of program highlights:

  • “The future of retail: Proactive versus reactive answers to today’s sweeping changes” by Rita Lahlou, Head of Jewelry at Amazon
  • “A jewelry designer’s view of solutions for responsible gold” by Guya Merkle, CEO of Vieri
  • “How to react to demand for ethically correct jewelry and ways to communicate the message to customers” by Elle Hill, CEO of Hill & Co.
  • “Pearls, Pacific islands and climate change” by Justin Hunter of J. Hunter Fidji Pearls
  • “Inspire your customers with innovative presentations. Holography is impressive, magical and three dimensional, and stimulates the imagination” by Björn Lederer of Magic Holo

All pictures of the INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY in Barcelona & Lucerne.

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