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With your voting you influence the outcome of the big INHORGENTA AWARD gala on February 16, 2020 at BMW Welt in Munich. Choose your favorite from all submissions in the categories "Public Choice Award - Best Piece of Jewelry" and "Public Choice Award - Best Watch". The respective winners and audience favorites in these categories will be announced during the Award Gala.

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These are the Public Choice Award Finalists 2020:

Public Choice Award - Best Piece of Jewelry

Capolavoro - Cristina Aguilar - Jaime Moreno Art in Fine Jewelry

Public Choice Award - Best Watch

CASIO - Garmin - Sternglas

Participating brands - Best Piece of Jewelry

Cristina Aguilar

Cristina Aguilar

SAFIYA collection

What makes life so special? Happy moments with our friends, with our family. A moment of peace, listening to a favorite song, making a dream come true.

SAFIYA is inspired by the leaves of the olive tree. It is the symbol of renewal, a new beginning. A start on the road to happiness.

SAFIYA necklace:
The necklace is made of sterling silver and gold-plated. It is set with two diamonds (0.03 carat / clarity SI) in the color H. The length is 57cm.
Price: € 1,200

GELLNER - Bangle

GELLNER - Bangle

Bangle designed by CASHA:

Selected white Akoya cultured pearls combined with clear, curved gold elements create a classic as well as extravagant interplay.

Curved gold elements meet shimmering Akoya cultured pearls. The new pieces of jewelry designed by CASHA not only shine with pure elegance, but are also a real design statement.

The Reiki master, jewelry designer and concrete artist Casha Kellermann is known for her extravagant collections made of gold, silver and platinum. Like no other, she knows how to create jewelry that reflects the personality and character of every woman. Her motivation is not only to create unusual designs, but to create much more effective jewelry.

Together with GELLNER, she broke new ground and designed extraordinary and expressive pieces of jewelry, like this bangle, that harmonize perfectly with each other. This unique interplay of energy, precious metals and pearls represents an absolute unique selling point. Because the pieces of jewelry are more than just a fashion statement - they are power-enhancing energy sources that, due to their contrast, reveal a new and unusual world of jewelry. True to the motto: high jewelry meets concrete.

750 / - yellow gold, 7 Akoya-ZP white 7.5-8mm, polished.

Hans D. Krieger

Hans D. Krieger

Hans D. Krieger 750 white gold ear clips "Queen of the Night"

"Queen of the Night" - the magic of a single night.
The "Queen of the Night" ear clip captures the unique moment when the cactus flower of the same name - the Queen of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus) - begins to open its elegant petals.

This magical moment of unfolding takes place within a few hours in just one night a year. Along the repeating spiral lines set with diamond diamonds, the queen of the night defoliates its sparkling shine and unique visual fragrance, which enchantingly frames the wearer's face.

42 brilliant-cut diamonds 10.73 ct. G / si

RRP: € 61,915

IsabelleFa – Maîtres Chaînistes

IsabelleFa – Maîtres Chaînistes

Classic tank bracelets and tank necklaces are currently experiencing their great renaissance. These classic chains can also be seen in fashion and on the catwalks around the world. No wonder that a manufacturer is particularly pleased about this, which has always stood for nothing other than classic chain goldsmithing.
To be honest, the armored bracelets and necklaces have never been not a part of the collection at IsabelleFa. For the manufacturer from Eisingen, the different designs of the tank jewelry are timeless classics. This time, however, neither a bracelet nor a necklace can be seen here. It is a tank ring in 18 carat white gold and almost 1 carat brilliant, so a wonderful classic bracelet for the finger. Naturally made by hand and with the same techniques and passion as the manufacturer's largest armored bracelets. Price EUR 12,300.

Swing Ring
Jörg Heinz
Swing Ring

Jörg Heinz

Swing Ring
Let‘s swing! Back and forth and forth and back: the 360° freely moving diamond makes the rings and pendants of the Swing Collection fascinatingly alive. The stone, resting in a prong setting, playfully follows every slight movement. When the wearer comes to rest, the stone also finds its way back to the center. Thus, the diamond sparkles very lively with every movement and yet rests in itself.

Swing ring made of 18K rose gold with white diamonds.

Jewellery House DINASTIA

Jewellery House DINASTIA

The earrings from the collection “Russian terem” were created on the basis of the elements of the Russian wooden architecture. The artist was inspired by the decoration of the Russian terem. The gable (the decorative part of the roof) was on the façade of the house and served as an amulet from the evil forces. The woodcarving of the mythic animal symbols became the author’s main idea for the collection. These jewellery combined the Russian identity and the current trends in the jewellery design.

The earrings are made of the 14 kt lemon-yellow gold with the 2.54 carats London blue topaz of the exclusive cut in the center of the composition surrounded with the diamonds of 0.16 and 0.21 carats. The deep blue color of the topaz embodies the Russian North character.

Jewels by Marthje

Jewels by Marthje

These unique bracelets are made of real gem stones and gold filled thread/14K gold thread.

They are made by Marthje with great love and care.

We use nice bead covers or nice 14K elements which give the piece of jewelry a nice rich feeling.

Tantalum Trauringe by Le Marchant Manufaktur

Tantalum Trauringe by Le Marchant Manufaktur

This special wedding ring pair is presented with the name "Gold Section Rough".

These wedding rings consist of pure 999 tantalum and a 916 Au yellow gold inlay.

Ten 0.1 ct Tw lr diamonds adorn the edge of the women's ring.

The highlight of the rings is the "Rough" surface. The surface of the rings shines in different facets due to different light reflections.

The material tantalum is ideal as a wedding ring material. It is robust, stable and long-lasting like love itself.

Jaime Moreno - Art in Fine Jewelry

Jaime Moreno - Art in Fine Jewelry

The ring symbolizes a bouquet of small calla lilly flowers, from whose center a big pink tourmaline flower rises, surrounded by small leaves. The diamond crown represents the frost after a cold night. The main body of the ring is made from 18k white gold and has an inner lining of 18k rose gold. On top of it there is a crown of forty-two 1,9 mm diamonds. Over the diamonds are placed a series of leaves, which are made from 18k rose gold and surround the Afghanistan pink tourmaline. The Tourmaline measures 30 mm long x 15 mm wide x 15 mm high. The sales price for the "Tourmaline Flower" is 10.000€

MANU Schmuckwerkstatt

MANU Schmuckwerkstatt

Ring MANU_R1284
AG925 / AU900 brilliant 0.03ct,

Retail 368 euros

Modern dance:
The lively design of the filigree ring made of silver with real gold and a single, white diamond appears almost dance-like

SCHWAB Gold- und Platinschmiede

SCHWAB Gold- und Platinschmiede

A bronze tex ring from the "Cosmos" collection with a black rose cut diamond 1.50ct (treated with black), which is edged with black diamonds 0.20ct.

The stones are set in a 750 / - yellow gold lens.

Price for this piece of jewelry: € 2,615

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Sif Jakobs Jewellery became known as the Copenhagen-based jewellery brand with a sparkling black and white universe. Recently a new side of Sif Jakobs has emerged, and with great success as she launched a brand new collection named "Rainbow" because it reflects the beautiful colours of a rainbow. It consists of simplistic designs with multi-coloured zirconia in several versions, thus leading the mind to magic rainbows.

The rainbow colours have been one of the most successful collections of the brand to date. And a the rainbow coloured ring, NOVARA QUADRATO is also the one we are submitting for the Public award as we hope this will gain the love from the Public, as it has from our customers. Ring Novara Quadrato - 18k gold plated with multicoloured zirconia. Price 239 Euro



Solid hereditary necklace made of rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver.

Set with 869 zirconia (synth.) And a decorative spring ring.

Completed by a matching bracelet with 375 set zirconia (synth.).

MSRP necklace € 499, RRP bracelet € 279

Bernd Wolf - Bangle

Bernd Wolf - Bangle

The floral design line enchants with a diverse, playful arrangement of three-leaf flowers "FLOWER TIMES".

With the Leilandia bangle, sparkling, flower-shaped garnets form a brilliant cut radiant, central band. The springy bangle offers maximum comfort and gently flatters the Skin - an eye catcher and favorite piece of jewelry of the extra class.

The jewelry is made in sterling silver with a 24-carat gold plating in premium quality in the BERND WOLF manufacture in the Dreisamtal near Freiburg.

Bernd Wolf - Earings

Bernd Wolf - Earings

The earrings Venezo is a special eye-catcher that sets the current trend color blue in a particularly stylish way. The lapis lazuli shows its wonderful quality with golden inclusions and magical facets. The eye-catching earrings can be perfectly combined with high-necked dresses and tops from the latest fashion and give the wearer special romantic elegance.

The jewelry set, which also includes a matching pendant, was designed by Annalea Wolf. It creates a perfect interplay of midnight blue gemstones, sparkling zirconia stones and the warm, sunny 24-carat BERND WOLF gold plating in premium quality.

Designer: Annalea Wolf

Material: lapis lazuli and zirconia, 925 silver with a 24-carat gold plating in premium quality

RRP: € 398



BILLION DREAMS - a fantasy that has become jewelry, created by Capolavoro

Childlike light-heartedness, surreal worlds and fantasies, dreams and longings - in short: pure fascination, that is the most important element of the precious jewelry line BILLION DREAMS. At first glance, a magical reinterpretation of the snow globe. At second and every further look a new dimension of goldsmithing, an outstanding homage to the craft and a sensual invitation to play with effects.

Billion Dreams Collection Snow Globe "Journey of Love" 750RG/WG

Pendant: 354 diamonds (353 brilliant cut, 1 heart cut diamond) 2.20ct TW / vs1, including 90 colored diamonds, 54 floating diamonds

Collier: 2-row necklace, 42 cm, loving details adorn the necklace - 141 diamonds 1.20ct TW / vs1

Bracelet: 2-row bracelet, attachable, 42 cm, loving details adorn the bracelet - 98 diamonds 0.80ct TW / vs1 liquid: patented liquid

Dream snow globe pendant: Copyright no. 006262051 / Patent no. 102018133485.0

Price: € 39.500, -
Limited special edition: 99 pieces

Carolin Stone Jewelry

Carolin Stone Jewelry

With its modern and elegant design, the Charming Necklace emphasizes the magic of every woman. Modern and majestic at the same time, this charming necklace with its gold tone and its four edged gemstones emphasizes the inner strength of the wearer.

The combination of gold and the green amethyst, the two citrines and the red garnet creates a warm symbiosis. The geometric shape of the chain, consisting of a circle and four squares, embodies the simplicity and at the same time the complete imperfection of life. All in four hugs, all in the colors of a sunrise that promises a new bright day.

The necklace consists of 14 carat gold-plated 925 sterling silver, oval gemstones 8x6 mm - 2x citrine, green amethyst & red garnet

Price (gross): 440 €



The CLIQ Coronation, SKU #729, 14k Yellow Gold with .77 ct tw round brilliant cut diamonds.

“Inspired by Gothic architecture, the Coronation features a squared domed center with intricate arches evocative of 15th century cathedral ceilings. The CLIQ mechanism opens completely to bypass the knuckle and close securely at the base of the finger for a comfortable fit and beautiful presentation of this bold design.”

Participating brands - Best Watch

August Berg

August Berg

Packaged in its signature sustainable and reusable eco-conscious bamboo box. Each August Berg timepiece is identifiable by its iconic anti-reflective, double-domed Sapphire Crystal dial window, which delivers a striking and unparalleled view into the dial with its concave shape.

Accentuated by an oversized crown, emblazoned with a sleek August Berg infinity logo to symbolise a perfect time loop, August Berg's 1950s modern vintage aesthetic, reinforces the importance of time and our relationship with it. Powered by Japanese quartz movement famously known for its precision, reliability, and longevity. Encased in pure, high-quality surgical-grade double stainless steel (316L) which is durable, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures.

Designed to fit the multi-hyphenate lifestyle, August Berg watches offers the ultimate versatility that takes you from day to night. Launched in August 2019, August Berg’s debut collection, Serenity, is available in 19 colour combinations, select from three variations of watch straps - classic Milanese Mesh, genuine Italian Leather and the signature Perlon straps. Exclusively hand-picked by Anders Peter and Magnus, these unique Perlon straps are meticulously crafted using high-quality nylon, intricately woven, lined with Nubuck (cowhide leather) for a comfortable and breathable feel. These straps also feature invisible belt holes for a seamless and sleek look. They are available in pastels (sky blue, sand cream, orchid pink and white), classic shades (cool grey, dark brown, and black), and jewel tones (deep blue and green).

In addition, each August Berg strap is designed with an “easy-release” function that allows you to turn up your style and look with a simple switch of a strap.



The models in the A1000 collection are made from high-quality materials and pay homage to the retro trend that the brand itself started more than forty years ago. For a year, the three differently colored rose colors were worked on, which were created through an elaborate coating.

The A1000MPG-9EF is the absolute highlight product of the CASIO VINTAGE collection and embodies the perfect rose tone. This shimmering stainless steel wristwatch impresses with its mother-of-pearl display and Milanese bracelet. The design and the coating make the watch a long-lasting and timeless companion.

* Milanese bracelet
* Solid stainless steel case
* Case and bracelet with IP finish
* Illuminator
* Stop function - 1/100 sec. - 1 hour.
* Daily alarm
* Automatic calendar with date, month and weekday
* 12/24 hour format
* Mineral glass



MARQ Captain:
The MARQ Captain is ready for any maneuver and underlines the passion for the navy. Optical highlights are the deep blue, titanium-set ceramic bezel with regatta timer and a saltwater-resistant, woven jacquard-weave nylon bracelet, which skilfully combines three maritime shades of blue. High-quality metal finishes, together with the seamless edges and symmetrical curves, ensure a slim and elegant look.

Thanks to an ultra-light and robust titanium grade 2 case and domed sapphire glass, the watch defies environmental influences and mechanical influences. Various sailing and regatta functions, such as the virtual start line, time-to-burn display and the turning assistant, make the marine watch a real help on board. A connection to the Garmin board system can also be established. This gives the watch direct access to all data and makes it possible to control the autopilot. The dial shows current wind, temperature and tide information so skippers can assess at a glance whether the conditions are favorable. Thanks to the man via board function, the location can be saved via hotkey in an emergency and then returned to the relevant point with the watch.

But the watch also cuts a fine figure on land, because it comes with the tried-and-tested Garmin multisport and premium smartwatch functions, including a wide range of sport profiles, such as golfing, running, cycling or skiing, activity tracking, and blood oxygen and heart rate measurement on the wrist , It also has a map display, an integrated music storage with Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer connection, the Garmin Pay function for contactless payment and smart notifications.

The MARQ Captain is part of the MARQ collection, which consists of six models and expresses the company's many years of experience in the areas of aviation, automotive, marine, outdoor and sports. The watch is available from watch retailers at a retail price of € 1,850.00.




True to the motto of the Swiss Air Force's PC-7 TEAM aerobatic formation, dynamism, precision and elegance, a very special variant of the FORTIS Aeromaster pilot's watch was created in 2019 - the 30th anniversary of the formation - the “FORTIS” model, limited to 300 pieces Aeromaster PC-7 TEAM Edition ”. The precise chronometers, each limited to 300 pieces, come with an elegant deep blue dial and applied numbers and indices. As a chronograph and three-hand variant.

At a glance:
* The B-42 Aeromaster housing made of brushed stainless steel - the fine brushing prevents possible sunlight reflections and thus contributes to quick readability.
* Double anti-reflective sapphire crystal with special AR027 coating
* FORTIS own «In-Crown-Double-Gasket-System» which enables a water resistance of 200 meters. Non-engaged.
* According to C.O.S.C. Standards certified and tested Swiss chronometer automatic movement UW-50C with highest precision and special finishing
* Specially stamped case back with Pilatus PC-7 aircraft in the famous diamond formation
* Grained basic dial with grooved totalizers and a deer skin which exactly omits the indexes
* Applied numbers filled with Superluminova® luminous material
* Central second hand in Swiss red
* Integrated metal strap with adjustable clasp
* Special collector's box with PC-7 TEAM patch, travel case, additional dark blue Cordura® strap including the appropriate change tool.

RRP Chronograph 4480 Euro, Day-Date 3-hand 2460 Euro

Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant

In 2004, after three years of research and development, Frederique Constant introduced the first in-house manufactured and patented manufacture movement: the award-winning Heart Beat Manufacture caliber. Four years later, the brand unveiled its first in-house tourbillon caliber based on the Heart Beat Manufacture caliber. In 2016 Frederique Constant succeeded in developing another major complication: the in-house caliber with a perpetual calendar. The Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture reflects the know-how that the brand was able to acquire in the course of the development of its manufacture movements.

The art of precision:
The Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture is another contribution to the pursuit of the highest precision, because the main function of a tourbillon is to compensate for the effects of earth's gravity on a movement when it is in a vertical position. The timepieces are driven by the new automatic manufacture movement FC-975.

A breathtaking mechanism:
This major complication includes an anchor wheel and an anchor made of silicon, a "Smart Weight" balance and a tourbillon cage. From a horological point of view, the timepieces are impressive because the tourbillon was developed down to the last detail using an industrial process. This timepiece could only be created through the watchmaking expertise that has become more extensive and well-founded over the years. The Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture guarantees exceptional performance and the highest standards of craftsmanship, which are characterized by the above-mentioned properties.
Thanks to innovative techniques, the disadvantages of traditional anchor wheels and anchors could be eliminated by using materials such as silicon. This is also advantageous for the tourbillon mechanism, since the frictional resistance has been reduced and the energy required in the caliber can be used more efficiently. It is a light, durable, antimagnetic and particularly temperature-resistant material that has made remarkable progress in terms of precision. The frictional resistance is so low that lubricating oil becomes superfluous. Since the escape wheel is responsible for the "ticking of the clock" and controls the release of the energy stored in the main spring, a lighter escape wheel reduces inertia and ensures more reliability and precision. Over a longer period of time, this leads to significantly better chronometric results.

A perfectly balanced tourbillon cage:
Frederique Constant has applied for a patent for the perfectly balanced cage, consisting of 80 components, all of which were manufactured to within 1-2 μm (0.001-0.002 mm) by the CNC machine in the workshop of the manufacturer. To achieve maximum precision, small weights have been added to the tourbillon cage, which create a perfect balance. When the tourbillon is manufactured, the cage is in a slight imbalance due to the decentered escape wheel and anchor. Frederique Constant supplemented the outer edge of the tourbillon with a “Smart Screw” system, which is used to balance the weight and ensures perfect balance in the cage. This leads to a more stable vibration rate and a more stable gait.

Technical specifications:
The Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon mechanism by Frederique Constant has a power reserve of 38 hours, the frequency is 4 Hz and the balance oscillates at 28,800 vibrations per hour. The tourbillon consists of a movable cage driven by the gear train, in which the balance and escapement are mounted. With each impulse from the balance wheel, the cage rotates with all of its components. The gear train moves 691,200 times in four years, which corresponds to over a billion impulses. This is in stark contrast to the perpetual calendar system of our clockwork, whose wheel only rotates once in the same period.

Perpetual Calendar:
The perpetual calendar complication (perpetual calendar) shows the day of the week, date and month like an annual calendar, but requires fewer corrections in comparison. The sophisticated complication not only takes into account the number of days in each month, but also shows the year and does not have to be corrected even in leap years. As soon as all the necessary settings have been made, the mechanism calculates the months with 30 and 31 days as well as the 28 days in February and the leap year cycle with February 29, which is repeated every four years. Normally, the Perpetual Calendar only needs a manual correction after 400 years. However, due to an exception in the Gregorian calendar, the watch needs a correction on March 1, 2100. The hour and minute functions are adjusted via the crown. At 12 o'clock the dial shows the months and leap years, at 3 o'clock the date and at 9 o'clock the days of the week.

Limited edition:
The tourbillon cage is located in a dial opening at 6 o'clock, with the integrated hand making one revolution per minute and thus serving as a second counter. Each cage was numbered sequentially on the top board in the middle of the cage according to the limit number on the case. With a limit of 88 pieces, the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture, which embodies the visionary spirit of the brand, its determination and its passion for watchmaking know-how, is a highlight for every collector.

Outstanding price-performance ratio:
Frederique Constant remains true to his values, even with the highest complication, and manages to offer the cheapest tourbillon on the market at a retail price of € 20,995.



Junghans max bill Automatic 100 years Bauhaus:

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, Junghans is presenting an automatic watch that couldn't be simpler yet more meaningful. The max bill Automatic embodies, as a classic three-hand watch, in the spirit of the product designer Max Bill, the reduction to the absolutely essential - the good legibility of the time. Max Bill himself studied at the Bauhaus, which was founded exactly 100 years ago. He describes his first impression when he went to Dessau in 1927 and saw the Bauhaus building as "something never seen before: white walls and large dark glass facades, and in the foreground the student house with the balcony doors as mennigrote accents."

This impressive feeling that the Bauhaus triggered in Max Bill can be seen in 2019 in the Junghans max bill Automatic, which is limited to 1,000 pieces. A watch that bears the basic Bauhaus concept. The matt silver-plated dial is reminiscent of the white walls of the building in Dessau, and the anthracite-colored housing stands for its impressive facade. And the gray band - designed in the color of the architects - is based on the Bauhaus element: concrete. The red hands, which guarantee perfect readability thanks to their clear and simple shape, reflect the color scheme of the well-known red door of the Bauhaus in Dessau. A shade that is even more striking in the red date disc.

For lovers and connoisseurs of the Bauhaus, the back of the clock is a real journey through time. The Bauhaus building with its large window front is impressive on the glass floor - and at the same time allows a view of the mechanical work through these historic windows.

max bill Automatic 100 Years Bauhaus - Features:
Movement: automatic movement J800.1 with a power reserve of 38 hours
Housing: anthracite-matt stainless steel PVD-coated,
Ø 38.0 mm, height 9.7 mm, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, 4-screw screwed back and printed with the Bauhaus motif, which allows partial insights into the work
Dial: matt silver-plated dial, luminous dots
Hands: hands with environmentally friendly Superluminova luminous material
Strap: gray calf leather strap with PVD-coated pin buckle
Water resistance: up to 3 bar
Special feature: date disc and luminous material in red
Limited to 1,000 watches € 1,225, - RRP



With the Lunascope, MeisterSinger presents his first astronomical single-handed watch.

The slim stainless steel case of the Pangaea family frames an unusually large moon phase display: The upper half of the dial is sweepingly cut out; inside it, with a dark blue, starry background, the moon moves as if looking at the sky on a clear night. The astronomical precision with which the Lunascope displays the phases of the moon corresponds to the natural impression of the earth's satellite. The gear train of the Lunascope, developed for MeisterSinger, works with extraordinary precision. Your moon phase indication only requires a small correction after 128 years.

For its outstanding design, the Lunascope was awarded the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

SINN Spezialuhren

SINN Spezialuhren

Fascination 206 ARKTIS II by Sinn Spezialuhren.

Striking: the cool, ice blue designed dial. Galvanized. Refined with sunburst. Bordered in a stainless steel case, polished and satined. For the highest aesthetic demands on a modern style. It is wonderfully clear to read. The diving chronograph itself: well equipped with SINN technologies. Therefore a precise instrument. And robust enough for every challenge. There is black on white. Because tested and certified by DNV GL.

The 206 ARKTIS II: a diving chronograph for those who want to know exactly. What counts for absolute reliability. That focuses on the essentials. No frills. But with a famous prototype: The 203 ARKTIS from 1999. From Sinn special watches. Even then a pioneer in functional safety. The first diving chronograph with temperature resistance technology. In hot and cold. And now the 206 ARKTIS II, a worthy successor. This is probably called tradition - interpreted in a contemporary way.

You don't have to be a polar explorer or diver to be able to wear them at any time. But watch lovers with a soft spot for mechanical values ​​do. Because what really matters? Power, robustness and longevity, quality and precision. Connoisseurs know that and therefore swear by Sinn special watches.

Mechanical anchor mechanism:
Valjoux 7750 with automatic elevator
25 ruby ​​jewels
28,800 vibrations per hour
stop second
Antimagnetic according to DIN 8309

Stainless steel case, polished / satined
Cover glass made of sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides
Sapphire crystal glass back, anti-reflective on the inside
Screwed to the bottom
Screwed crown
Meets the technical requirements of DIN 8310 for water resistance
Pressure-resistant up to a depth of 300 m (= 30 bar), certified by DNV GL
According to the technical requirements of the diving watch standard DIN 8306
Tested according to the European diving equipment standards EN250 and EN14143, certified by DNV GL
Low pressure resistant

Hour, minute, small second
Diver's bezel with mint catch and luminescent main marking
SENSE technologies
Ar dehumidifying technology, thereby increased functional and fitting security
Temperature resistance technology, therefore reliable from -45 ° C to + 80 ° C
Lever handle with D3 system
Captive rotating ring

Measurements and weight:
Case diameter: 43 mm
Strap width: 22 mm
Total height in the middle of the clock: 17 mm
Weight without strap: 95 grams

Dial and hands:
Blue dial, galvanized, with sunburst finish
Indices covered with fluorescent paint
Hour, minute and second hands and luminescent color

Warranty 3 years
Price with solid bracelet € 3,670



The star glass ZIRKEL takes its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s with its simple and no-frills aesthetics.

A timepiece, clear, honest and fair. The reduction to the essentials - black on white - the balanced design of the indices and the fine-tuned details determine the design. The automatic lettering and the date field in the dial color centered on the 6H position underline the symmetrical overall impression.

In the heart: The renowned caliber 9015 movement by the traditional Japanese manufacturer Miyota. This not only makes the compasses technically precise, but also makes it possible to make the characteristic, conical 40 mm stainless steel housing extremely slim.

The ZIRKEL - a timepiece with the potential to become a modern classic.

Time and More

Time and More

Materials: Stainless steel case, mineral glass, silicone band Price: 189.- Euro Name of the watch: Split screen It shows the time in binary format (instructions for use). The hours on the left, the minutes on the right. Light replaces 1, no light replaces 0. This display is the fourth type of time reading after sundial, analogue clock and digital clock. The tape is reminiscent of a ribbon cable, which gives the impression that it feeds the chip in the housing.

In the watch trade for 35 years,
150,000 watches in stock (various brands)
Two German distributions: Fila and Swiss Alpine Military
Two own brands: The One and Kraftworxs
Designer: Anton Kraft

uhrgebiet UG

uhrgebiet UG

The sensational model "Our Planet" captures the beauty and transience of life on earth in the smallest space. The guardian guardian angel conveys security, warmth and security and inspires the viewer to meet the future with love and optimism.

The midnight black dial made of real enamel with subtly sparkling "stardust" makes this watch with a stainless steel case a window to the universe when looking through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The hand-applied applications in the color of the case and the dial partially painted in ocean blue invite you to dream and rediscover the endless, dormant imagination that we each have. Sensual and inspiring, they give the watch a spiritual touch.

The cuddly bracelet with quick-change system is perfect for everyday wear and goes just as tastefully with jeans and leather jackets as it does with a business or evening outfit.

Embedded in an illustrated story, written especially for STERNZEIT, which is enclosed with every watch as a print edition, this watch is available from specialist dealers from EUR 149.00.



I.N.O.X. Carbon Mechanical
Strength and Resilience, with an Edge

Prestigious mechanical engineering with a high-tech twist: meet the I.N.O.X. Carbon Mechanical. This watch was created with our renowned Swiss expertise and quality, but there’s nothing traditional about its appearance. Edgy yet lightweight carbon composite offers the ultimate in strength and durability, even when pushed to extremes. SuperLuminova® hands and indexes give great readability, and the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal means you can focus on the bigger picture. This is a high-spec watch that delivers optimal performance and state-of-the-art style. It even comes with an exclusive Spartan PS knife with sleek matte black handles to complete your action essentials.

Key features:
- Unique space-tested carbon composite case highly resistant to scratches
- Swiss made automatic movement Sellita SW200 with 38-hour power reserve, visible through the titanium exhibition case back
- Delivered in a special packaging housing an exclusive Spartan PS knife and black protective bumper

Technical description:
I.N.O.X. Carbon Mechanical - Swiss Made Watch
43-mm carbon composite case
Triple coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Protected screw-down crown
Screw-in caseback with exhibition crystal
Water resistant to 200 m (20 ATM / 660 ft)

Dial and Strap:
Guilloché monobloc dial
Super-LumiNova® on hands and markers
Date calendar
Genuine rubber with guilloché inprint

Sellita SW-200, Swiss-made
5-year international warranty+ on the watch

Delivered in a shockproof box housing a special edition spartan black knife and bumper.

Suggested Retail Price: 1'145 CHF / EUR 1'090



New design, new complication and, above all, new movement: The Startimer Pilot Heritage collection welcomes a chronograph to its series - a complication that for the first time is based on a La Joux-Perret caliber that offers a 40% higher power reserve. The Startimer collection from Alpina draws its inspiration from aviation and offers friends of intensive flight experiences watches that fully meet the requirements of the discipline: robust, easy to read, functional and without compromising on modern aesthetics.

Today Alpina opens a new chapter in this legendary watch family. The Startimer Pilot Heritage can look back on a long history and has now been equipped for the first time with a mono pusher chronograph based on a movement developed by La Joux-Perret. The new Startimer Pilot Heritage Chronograph returns to the quintessence of the sports watch as it was invented by Alpina in 1883. The only addition is the legendary case of the Startimer Pilot Heritage, which has a chronograph and thus one of the most perfect complications of all, which is particularly appreciated by fans of motorsport, which is based on precision.

The Bicompax chronograph with the caliber AL-727 measures short periods of time (30 minutes) and is clocked at 4 Hz (28,000 vibrations per hour). This high frequency ensures precision and shock resistance and thus two of the cornerstones of the Alpina philosophy. The new movement of the Startimer line also offers a 55-hour power reserve. H. almost 45% more than its predecessor. And finally, it is a mono push-button version in the most beautiful tradition of historical chronographs, like the very first Alpina Sport chronographs almost a century ago. All variants have the same high level of refinement in Swiss watchmaking art, which is particularly important to Alpina: the housing was polished on the flanks and satin on the top, the counters were circular guilloche for better light scattering, the hourly and minute hands with Super-LumiNova luminescent material ensure perfect readability in all lighting conditions, and the screw-down crown and case back ensure water resistance of up to 100 meters. A strong model rooted in the traditions of the company, which is firmly anchored in its time and was the first mono chronograph chronograph specially developed for the Startimer Pilot Heritage collection.

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